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Do you need professional carpet cleaners in Otago TAS? Call Mission Impossible Cleaning & Maintenance experts to remove tough stains on your carpet. We provide both dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning to rejuvenate your carpets. We recommend you to hire a professional carpet cleaner to spot clean carpets of all sizes. Whether it is cleaning of carpet of your house, office, or industry, we ensure to use the best equipment to offer outstanding carpet cleaning.

Specialized Office & Home Carpet Steam Cleaning Otago

Do you need regular carpet cleaning services for your Otago offices to ensure the good health of your employees? Or do you need carpet cleaning for your Otago homes as you have kids, pets and elderly around you and aspire to keep your carpets clean? No matter what is the place or reason, we offer regular cleaning of carpets for Otago clients. We have a team of in-house expert carpet cleaners who knows the spots well and provide deep cleaning of carpets. We recommend you to use steam cleaning of carpets as it cleans effectively by removing tough stains, dirt, grime, bacteria, and germs.

Expert Carpet Cleaners Otago for All Your Needs

Dry carpet cleaning uses low moisture and quickly cleans the carpet. It uses dry shampoo to clean the carpet while leaving fragrance all over your house. Most of the time, dry carpet cleaning is not preferred as it uses scents which might be difficult for Otago family members to get accustomed to the scents. Therefore, we recommend using our tailored carpet steam cleaning which can work effectively on your carpet fibers. Our advanced cleaning tools use steamed water, which releases water vapor. The watervapor is used for the steam cleaning process to make sure that molds, stains, spills, grime, and pet fur are removed perfectly from carpet fibers. With high pressured vacuum, we can provide quick drying of wet surfaces above and below the carpet, restoring quality and appearance.

We use pet and child-safe, environmentally friendly products to clean carpets. None of our products are danger to the environment and your health. We will handle toughest stains. For carpet cleaning services in Otago, call us for a free quote.


We hear all too many stories whereby cleaners whom were obviously not trained well enough did damage to tiles or timber floors or other tragedies which can add up to thousands of dollars of damage to someone’s home. This tends to happen mostly when the customer has grabbed the cheapest quote possible.

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Please inform us if in advance if you or anyone else has any particular allergies. This is especially applicable in domestic and house and office cleaning. Mission impossible cleaners use a selection of cleaning products

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