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Commercial Cleaning Hobart

At Mission Impossible Cleaning & Maintenance Tasmania, we provide outstanding commercial cleaning services, which include private and government offices, corporate, sports clubs, hospitals, aged and child care, and retail spaces.

Every commercial sector needs affordable with exceptional cleaning services, we provide tailored commercial cleaning as per the requirements of Hobart clients. We understand that commercial spaces experience high traffic during week days and require regular cleaning to eliminate dust and germs and look fresh every day.

Piled up dust can attract more germs and bacteria leading to various health issues of your employees. It can also be challenging for us to clean such spaces, therefore we use protective equipment like mask and gloves to prevent breathing of polluted air.

Personalized Office Cleaning Hobart

Our office cleaners are fully trained to meet the expectations of management. We offer a wide range of cleaning services for Hobart clients that include work station

cleaning, dry and steam carpet cleaning, general dusting, wiping & cleaning, low pressure cleaning of window & glass cleaning, high pressure cleaning of floors, concrete surfaces, pavements driveways, pathways, sports court, and other outdoor areas of commercial sectors.

Stress-free Commercial Cleaning Hobart

Our job is to offer hassle-free and stress-free Hobart commercial cleaning without disturbing the daily operations. We work late evening to clean your offices and commercial spaces, ensuring the well-being of your staff and higher productivity.

We have developed stringent guidelines for quality control and our commercial cleaners make certain to adapt to these guidelines to provide ultra-clean spaces.

The combination of advanced tools and powerful cleaning products we reach every corner and surface to produce germ-free environment. We do not just clean your office but ensure it smells fresh each time you step into your office workstation.

Having established our stance in Hobart, our cleaners maintain integrity and professionalism while cleaning your office spaces. Our commercial cleaners are trained to mend their ways to adjust to different requirements.


We hear all too many stories whereby cleaners whom were obviously not trained well enough did damage to tiles or timber floors or other tragedies which can add up to thousands of dollars of damage to someone’s home. This tends to happen mostly when the customer has grabbed the cheapest quote possible.

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Please inform us if in advance if you or anyone else has any particular allergies. This is especially applicable in domestic and house and office cleaning. Mission impossible cleaners use a selection of cleaning products

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