Domestic cleaning

“Home is where the heart is”. It is a space where you reside and call your own. That is why you want to see your home clean and neat at all times. For the house cleaning and domestic cleaning, you want a reliable cleaning service company in Tasmania who have experienced and trustworthy domestic cleaners to handle the domestic cleaning with élan.

Mission Impossible Cleaning Services Company in Tasmania can take care of any type of domestic clean for you. If you want a one-off cleaning, spring cleaning, or regular house cleaning, we have cleaners specialised in domestic cleaning services.

If you want a tailored domestic cleaning service that is time and cost-effective, talk to us and we will tailor a domestic cleaning service as per your requirements.

Our domestic cleaning is exemplary because we want you to hire our services again. This is where our experience helps and we know how to complete the work within the committed timeframe.

The one request we have to make is that, if you like any of our domestic cleaners, do not try and hire their services privately. We do not encourage this practice because, they represent our company and hence they have are licensed and fully-insured. But if they work on their own, there is no guarantee of their services and they are not insured too.

Bond cleaning

MissionImpossible Cleaning Services are experts in bond cleaning and end of lease cleaning. It is also referred to as exit and vacate cleaning. We are fully-aware that moving and relocating can be very stressful. And that is why we want to make it stress-free by taking care of your bond cleaning service.

Our bond cleaning is fully-guaranteed and you will get your bond money back. Our bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning is very similar to a perfect car detailing service. We assure you the best service at all times. If there are any issues, or if you want us to attend to any issues, we will gladly do so.

When connecting with us, our staff members will want a couple details so that we can evaluate your bond cleaning requirements. If you have any specific requests let us know. As in, if you want cleaning of the veranda, garage, beneath the house or around the house etc. This way, we can share a quote for the proposed bond cleaning.

Additionally, if you want carpet cleaning, cleaning of the window furnishing, pest control services, lawn mowing, garden cleanup, or even rubbish removal, we are good for that.

Window cleaning

The difference between clean, streak-free and dust-free windows and dust-laden windows is clearly evident. If it were clean, you can enjoy the outdoor views and there is nothing blocking your view. On the other hand, dirty windows are uninviting and unappealing.

That is why, to have clean well-maintained, sparkling windows in your Tasmania residence, that will look clean and let more sunlight in, you need expert window cleaning services. This is where Mission Impossible Cleaners will take care of the window cleaning.

Our specialised window cleaners will clean any type of windows, antique glass windows, odd shaped windows and also glass covered atriums.

We will soon be adding abseiling window cleaning service.

Commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning is essentially the cleaning of offices, commercial buildings, hotels, shops, restaurants, clubs, medical centres and more.

Professional commercial cleaning service is your best resort. And the Mission Impossible cleaners are trained and experienced commercial cleaning. Our cleaners adopt the latest cleaning processes and have the knowhow of cleaning the different commercial facilities.

The commercial cleaning covers floor cleaning, window cleaning, strip and seal, carpet cleaning, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and other related cleaning services. Our cleaners follow the prescribed OHS standards and are also police checked and verified.

Keep in mind, whatever cleaning service or task you want us to undertake, Mission Impossible Cleaners will take care of it. Because we live up to our business name- Mission Impossible!

Spring cleaning

A spring cleaning is carried out once a year. Or it is a detailed cleaning that is carried out annually. If you want a spring cleaning service during the spring-summer months, or if you want a spring cleaning just before the holiday season, or if you are hosting a party, it would be a good idea to engage Mission Impossible Cleaners for a comprehensive spring cleaning service.

Get in touch with our staff members and share your cleaning needs. Accordingly, we will share a couple options, tailor the spring cleaning service and also share the pricing and time taken for carrying out the spring cleaning. After we confirm, our cleaners will undertake the spring cleaning service and ensure best possible results.

Our staff members will advise what spring cleaning service is possible and what is doable within the prescribed timeframe. This is done in your best interests so that our spring cleaning service is superlative and satisfactory.

High pressure cleaning

High pressure cleaning is essentially an external cleaning that covers, driveways, walls, pathways, fencing and external house washing.

Our experienced high pressure cleaners have the required experience and know when to and how to apply the right PSI levels for each type of high pressure cleaning.

The pressure cleaning service is carried out in such a way that dirt, dust, mould and stains are completely cleaned and there is no serious damage done.

If you want expert pressure cleaning services, connect with Mission Impossible Cleaners.

High Cleans

Mission impossible cleaners are familiar with high cleans whereby :we are dealing with situations where there may be blood or other bodily fluids where perhaps someone has been bedridden or had an incident .

Please do not hesitate to call us and discuss your specific situation.

We are all human and there is no need for embarrassment in these circumstances.

We just need as accurate information as you can give us so we can send the right people with the right chemicals and equipment.

Pre-sales cleaning services

Before you put your house on the market or before the sale of your house in Tasmania, it is a great idea to opt for the pre-sales cleaning service. This facelift and makeover does wonders to your property. The market value of your Tasmania home is enhanced and your house also sees a detailed pre-sales cleaning inside out.

The cleaners from Mission Impossible make the right fitment when you want a pre-sales cleaning service. The cleaning service will ensure that your residence is in a good shape and you will get the market price you quote for your home.

It is good to spend money on pre-sales cleaning so that the pricing of your home is not affected. Also, any remediation work on a future date can be avoided.

Builders cleaning

After construction of a house or a building, without effective builders clean, no one can move in.

Generally, after a building or house construction, the place is not totally ready for you to move in.

During the building and construction process, a lot of dirt, and dust build-up happens. Also, there will be a lot of waste or debris collected which needs to be removed. Therefore, as part of the builders clean, rubbish removal, cleaning all areas of the building, the windows, glass and other areas should be undertaken.

If you are looking for builders clean in Tasmania, contact, Mission Impossible Cleaners. Our cleaners are experienced in builders clean and are fully in the know of the processes to be followed. With the right type of equipment and cleaning products, our cleaners will get the building in a perfectly liveable condition.

After-sales cleaning

As per the sale contract, you may be obliged to carry out an after-sales cleaning service for your present residence in Tasmania. Yes. You are moving out of a place you called home for a long time. And, you have sold your present home and before the handover, an after-sales cleaning is at times the right thing to do.

Even though, your home is well-maintained and clean, but since you were still residing there, when you undertake a thoughtful after-sales cleaning service, there is nothing like it.

And for a tailored after-sales cleaning service, reach out to the professional cleaners from Mission Impossible Cleaners. Our cleaners will customize a cleaning service that suits you and follows the requisite of an after-sales cleaning.

Estate cleaning

If you are looking for a round of professional estate cleaning services in Tasmania, Mission Impossible Cleaning are experts in end-to-end estate cleans and related clean-ups.

We know that estate cleaning is generally carried out by a surviving family member and it needs to be done the right way and in a relatively short time. There is a lot of stress and coordination that goes into it. And that is why our cleaners fit in well as we plan, organize and undertake the estate cleaning service in the best way possible.

Before the planned estate cleaning, you can get in touch with our staff members and we will undertake a quick check of your property. This way, we can determine the time taken and the pricing for the complete estate cleaning service. Additionally, if you want any rubbish removal or garden clean-up, and a round of maintenance services, let us know. We are more than happy to take care of it for you.

Solar panel cleaning

You may not be aware about this fact. If you keep your solar panels clean and dust and dirt-free, then the power generation would substantially increase by more than 40%. Now, that is a lot isn’t it? The solar panels will work to its optimum levels thanks to the dirt and dust-free exteriors.

So, the onus is on you to get professional cleaners who offer solar panel cleaning services to help clean your solar panels. Not only is the solar power generation higher, but the general lifespan of the solar panel is also markedly increased.

Periodic solar panel cleaning is what the Mission Impossible Cleaners advise. This way, you take care of the solar panels and it is great condition always.

Solar panel cleaning is a service the Mission Impossible Cleaning services offers.

Pool and spa cleaning

If you want the best pool and spa cleaning service in Tasmania to take care of the cleaning of the pools and spas in your home, then get Mission Impossible Cleaners on board.

Our professional pool cleaners are well-aware about pool and spa cleaning techniques and the pool, and the surrounding areas will be free of dirt, debris and anything that affects the look and feel and functioning of the pool and spa.

If you want your spa and pool to be sparkling clean and bacteria-free, so that it is safe for you and your family members, get in touch with Mission Impossible Cleaners.

Floor polish and shine

If you want a round of floor polish and shine for your ceramic, tiled or timber flooring, then get Mission Impossible Cleaners to undertake a professional floor polish and shine service. Never get carried away with cheap quotes or inexperienced cleaning service companies who will under quote just to get the project.

Cheap pricing does not mean it will be a job well done. Instead, it will be a shoddy service which may end up damaging your nice timber or ceramic flooring too.

Floor polish and shine requires experience and Mission Impossible Cleaners have professionals who have the knowhow. It is worth your while to engage professionals because not only will the job be done the proper way; your floors too will not be damaged.

Mould removal

Mould, fungus, or mildew can pose danger to your health and wellbeing. That is why periodic mould removal should be carried out to avoid any health complications.

During wet seasons, the mildew growth increases. Mildew or mould removal is best undertaken by professionals. Professionals like Mission Impossible Cleaners know what type of chemicals or products should be applied for effective mould removal.

In addition to mould removal, our professional cleaners will also share tips about how to avoid or arrest the growth of mould or mildew. When you consider, mould removal in the roundabouts of Tasmania, think Mission Impossible Cleaners.

Rubbish removal

If you want any type of rubbish removal from your office or home in Tasmania like household waste, garden waste or any junk removal, get Mission Impossible Cleaners to take care of it.

Rubbish removal may be necessary during a vacate cleaning, bond cleaning, building clean, spring cleaning and more. So, the junk or rubbish you need removed can be undertaken by us.

Whatever you want cleaned and removed is our lookout. And whatever you don’t need or want to be removed, like old appliances, books, clothes, furniture, green waste or even construction debris and materials we will handle it.

Maintenance services

In addition to cleaning services, if you want any type of maintenance services to be carried out in your house in Tasmania, ask the professionals at Mission Impossible Cleaners. We will take care of maintenance services both inside and outside your home like paint

Mission impossible Cleaning and Maintenance can do basic maintenance on your house internally and externally including patching holes, matching paintwork, fixing hinges to cupboards and a whole range of other maintenance needs.

If you want us to connect you to painters or electricians, we will gladly do so.


Mission impossible Cleaning can take care of all your garden needs end-to-end. Lawn mowing, pruning, trimming, cutting, snipping, hedge pruning, and any garden related services, our experts will very gladly take care.

Additionally, you want any garden maintenance, ensuring that your garden bed is healthy and viable, adding fertilizers, weeding, sowing seeds, and any regular garden maintenance services, removal of green waste we are good for that.

For any garden maintenance services, connect with us anytime!

Dog grooming

In addition to cleaning and other maintenance services, we also offer dog grooming services. At present, we are equipped to handle only small dogs. Our experienced dog groomer knows how to handle your pet and how to groom and give it the best care. The grooming session will ensure that your dog looks great and very presentable.

As part of the dog grooming session, nail clipping trimming and taking care of its thick coat of hair is part of our dog grooming services. We use only very safe products and your dog will never fall sick because of that.

Thinking dog grooming in Tasmania, then think Mission Impossible. We can more than deliver!

Upholstery cleaning

If you want any upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning or cleaning the furnishing, curtains, blinds or sofa upholstery, connect with Mission Impossible in Tasmania.

The neat upholstery cleaning by our expert upholstery cleaners will ensure that your furnishing, mattresses, and upholstery are free of dust, dirt, stains, allergens and odour.

And a detailed cleaning will keep your upholstery looking new and inviting.

Vehicle cleaning and detailing

A good vehicle or car cleaning and detailing service does a world of good for your car. And if experts take care of the detailing and cleaning, then it works even better. That is why an experienced cleaning service company like Mission Impossible Cleaners offer car cleaning and detailing services for customers’ in and around Tasmania.

The finishing is superb, and our professionals will take care of your precious investment. All that you must do is drop off your vehicle and pick it up completely transformed with a great car detailing and cleaning service.

If you want the quotes, just ask us!


We hear all too many stories whereby cleaners whom were obviously not trained well enough did damage to tiles or timber floors or other tragedies which can add up to thousands of dollars of damage to someone’s home. This tends to happen mostly when the customer has grabbed the cheapest quote possible.

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